11 June 2018

Wet-look and crystalline lace, inspired by tears!

The lace-maker is taking emotions to the extreme for Autumn-Winter 2019: its already iconic “Tears & Lace” Chantilly lace, is now being presented with a special finish that makes it look as if it were covered in a light dew. More mysterious than ever…

Darquer presented its first “Artist Laces”, inspired by contemporary artworks, in 2016. These laces reinterpreted the work of the American artist Rose-Lynn Fisher, who collects and photographs tears through a microscope. Named “Tears & Lace”, the collection of Chantilly Leavers laces reproduced the patterns made by the crystalized structures contained in the artist’s photos of tears. Unprecedented, these poetic and elegant laces soon captured the imaginations of fashion designers.

For Autumn-Winter 2019, the lace-maker continues to work in collaboration with Rose-Lynn Fisher and has added a new dimension to the collection by treating the tulle with a light black glaze for a sparkling, wet look that adds an additional layer of mystery. Whether evoking the black of night, tar shining in the rain, the ceremonial black of eveningwear, the blackness of inebriation, black tulle or latex… it further enhances the extreme refinement of the lace-maker’s work and paves the way to a host of new interpretations, for lace that cannot fail to inspire emotion!

A sneak preview of the collection will be presented at the July session of Interfilière Paris on the Darquer/Noyon stand, Pavilion 3, no. D61.

Garments designed by Schiaparelli, using lace from the Tears&Lace collection, will also be showcased at the Museum of Lace and Fashion in Calais within the framework of the “Haute Dentelle” (Designer Lace) exhibition, running from 9 June 2018 until 6 January 2019.

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