Eurostick gears up for the activewear market

8 April 2019

Eurostick is returning to Interfilière Paris with a dual aim: boosting visibility in the intimates market and, above all, winning over the activewear market. “This market, which is enjoying fast-paced growth, targets highly demanding consumers, who are looking for physical and mental wellbeing. They are attentive to fabrics and their origins, environmental impact and local production. European companies like ours have a role to play,” explains Ezio Acerbe, Managing Director of Eurostick.

Eurostick plans to attract clients with its new collection of prints which feature in several innovative lines: a range of circular fabrics in recycled polyester for the most demanding clients, who are keen to remain at the cutting-edge of fashion, while protecting the planet with eco-responsible fabrics; a “Healthy fabrics” wellbeing line, an innovative and patented range of antibacterial cotton fabrics, for a variety of applications in intimates and sportswear;  a line of polyamide knits with elastane for free-cut edges. “The intimates market is also very fragmented in Europe. This means that SMEs like ours have to be very organized and very reactive too. Especially with e-commerce shaking up the rules in all different sectors. A winning strategy means offering an innovative product mix and impeccable service to satisfy a range of requirements, including the demands of these new consumers.” Ezio Acerbe feels confident about the perspectives offered by these markets.

Established over 50 years ago, the Italian company has returned to Interfilière Paris, after several seasons’ absence, with several trump cards to play. In addition to reactivity, proximity, sustainable development and innovation, Eurostick can rely on the high quality of its knit production, as well as the service and flexibility of high-performance equipment since it takes advantage of facilities run by the Goal SpA dyeing house which belongs to the same Group as Eurostick.

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