Goyogi Welcomes You Into Its Yoga Universe

9 February 2000

Guiding customers to the finest yoga gear and equipment, Goyogi has become a dependable brand in the SUSTINANDFRIENDS portfolio

Denmark-based Goyogi has quickly become a dependable brand for crafting high-quality yoga equipment and clothing. The company produces carefully-crafted products that are tailor-made for yoga practice and training. 

The goal is to create a community, or “yoga universe”, that is accessible for all manner of yoga practitioners, from early beginnings to experienced sessions. The products are not just made with the customer in mind, but also the planet, with a nature care policy that sees the manufacturing processes handled with care. This is in line with the values of SUSTINANDFRIENDS, the values of care and community, taking care of each other and our natural surroundings. 

Goyogi offers everything from casual yoga wear to full suits, as well as accessories, books and yoga mats and blankets. Items such as the Rib Seamless Pantsuit are as stylish as they are functional, with a chic design for a product that is tailor-made for yoga and pilates. Popular items such as the Karna Bamboo Top are crafted with natural antibacterial bamboo material, with a seamless feel and built-in bra for practicality.   

For more information, you can get in touch with Goyogi’s distributor, SUSTINANDFRIENDS, by following this link