4 June 2018

We are all influenced by color every day, whether we’re aware of it or not.
Trend consulting firm Carlin Trend Creative Office, the unrivalled expert in color, offers its clients the colors that will be the stars of tomorrow!

Edith Keller

Eurovet: Color changes along with the lighting, fabrics, and the way we work with it. What does color for the underwear industry make you think of?
Edith Keller: We’ve long been working with color in both fashion and design. Color speaks to us…it’s a domain that excites us: it is both cultural, sociological, a benchmark, and a fascinating science! Color communicates many messages, especially in lingerie, where it can conceal or reveal zones of the body by playing around with different shades.

Which are the colors to stay away from?
E.K. I must say that today, there are less and less taboos around color. When a fundamental trend is setting in, the color offered is the one to follow! In lingerie, color is subtle, and the relationship with skin tones is of essential importance.
There are no longer really any taboos, but there is subtlety in colors. For example, in China, “flesh” tones are now popular, but if they’re a bit too yellow, they may not attract Chinese women.
Nevertheless, there are still a few colors to keep in mind that have strong cultural factors tied to them. For example, “khaki green” is not offered to Russian women, because they closely associate it with the Army.
Still, color remains a trigger for product sales! The rules must nevertheless be clear: one must be able to precisely name the color of a piece of lingerie, or the sale becomes truly complicated, or even impossible.

Why is color such a key factor today in the success of a product?
E.K. Because color sets off emotions, emotions that bring us closer to the product, or, on the contrary, repulse us from it. It remains the first point of choice of the customer.
The proximity between RTW and lingerie has facilitated the appearance of new colors. Lingerie is now a matter of pleasure, and less one of need….and so, the choice of colors is expanding in a subtle manner. Still, be sure not to overuse it, because adding too much color…kills color.

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