Inside Forster Rohner AG, the revered innovators of textiles, haute couture and lingerie

23 February 2022

For over 100 years, the Forster Rohner Group has innovated with textiles and haute couture. Now, the exciting company introduces designs and collections for a new generation.

There are not many companies with a history like Forster Rohner AG’s. The Swiss company was founded in 1904 by Conrad Forster-Willi, and since then it has slowly built a reputation for revered innovation in textiles, haute couture, ready-to-wear and lingerie pieces.

The company has a distinctly artistic and boundary-pushing approach to its productions, which can be seen from the branding to the stitched details.

Forster Rohner AG: innovations in lingerie

The team at Forster Rohner AG produce semiannual collections of lingerie. In a public statement, the company said that the collections reflect “the needs of a woman, the unique nature of a woman’s sensuality and an understanding of it”.

With pieces that aim to reflect the zeitgeist and establish new trends, Forster Rohner AG work with big names across the international lingerie industry.

The inspirations for Foster Rohner’s pieces are far and wide. Literature, art, media and life experiences all inform the work of the company’s designers. They then tackle broad but pointed themes, romanticism and classicism, glamour and luxury, what is traditional and what is avant-garde, producing lingerie pieces that you can wear and also feel inspired by. “Textile engineers guarantee outstanding quality and an easy-care long life for our lingerie”, the company said.

Past pieces like the Forster Rohner Lace feature a multi-coloured embroidered pattern, along with other fabrics that customers can experiment with, be it a Swiss Lace Gallon or Tuft lace tulle.

Experimentations in ready-to-wear and haute couture

Foster Rohner is definitely not a company that boxes itself in. As well as producing lingerie, the embroiderer excels in ready-to-wear and haute couture designs. “Today, the source of fashion and the trends behind it is the street”, the company has said about its ready-to-wear offerings. “The challenge is to offer material equivalence, to find inspiration in history and to create something new from the visual stimuli”.

The company markets itself to the international prêt-à-porter, with semiannual collections bearing the Foster Willi and Foster Rohner labels presented to clients around the world and at international showcases.

As for Haute Couture, Foster Rohner offers “unlimited imagination, extreme savoir-faire and effortless refinement”. The brand has worked with elite-level couturiers since the 1940s, with collaborations with revered names such as Christian Dior and Christobal Balenciaga. This has helped grow a collection that pays homage to beauty, skill and quality.

foster rohner

Foster Rohner is definitely not a company that boxes itself in.  (Photo: Forster Rohner)

Textile innovations and more

Conrad Foster-Willi founded Forster Rohner AG as a company specialising in embroidery, Switzerland’s most important export at the time. The national textile industry has transformed since then, yet the philosophy of experimentation and innovation remains as a key pillar of the company. Foster Rohner remains a family company, operated by the fourth generation Emanuel and Caroline Forster.

Recent collections such as “E-broidery” prove this. Featuring LED lighting stitched into exciting designs, the collection functions as a unique range of products and also an art piece itself. The blend of technology and design results in an eye-catching yet tasteful example of Forster Rohner’s philosophy. The project took years of research, with the embroiderer establishing a distinct manufacturing process to weave illuminated lighting with washable, preselected textiles.


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