Interview Federico Colombo, Head of Sales Marketing and Product Penn Textile Solutions

15 February 2019

What does this recognition as Designer of the Year mean to you as part of a strong theme (at Interfilière Paris) of the «Art of details»?
Federico Colombo / It is an important recognition of how innovation can make the difference. It is a pleasure to be nominated after such long time on the market and to be able to keep investing in innovation,
trying to make the difference. Riding this positive wave, we are investing in new, modern knitting machines to continue to develop new concepts.

How do your fabrics fit into the ready-to-wear trend, a trend that is definitely strong in the lingerie industry for the F/W 2019 season?
F.C. / The fit pperfectly into this trend, due to our flexibility to knit fabric using a body-mapping structure to maximize fit and comfort, with a technical look.
The ready-to-wear trend is a mood that we’ve been following for years now and connecting it our portfolio of products. We have identified many fabrics under our Dream Shape brand which will permit our clients to select different fabrics suitable for this theme.

How do you adapt your designs to women’s desire for a wider array of bodywear?
F.C. / By providing functionality yet maintaining comfort and a modern look. Dream Shape has also helped us identify fabrics for women’s bodywear, with all the fabrics characterized by engineered edges and
with a good combination of softness, light weight, and proper functionality and compression.

At Penn Textiles, are you looking for solutions to the current problem of sustainability of materials?
F.C. / In terms of sustainability, PTS is really sensitive to this subject, so we have developed a specially dedicated, ECOINNOVATION, that includes recycled fabrics in polyamide and polyester with Roica Eco-Smart. All our fabrics also follow an eco-process, for example, our eco-wash, where we don’t use any chemicals to wash greiges. We are also reducing our use of water and our generation of CO2. In addition, we are
developing a greater number of contacts with fashion schools and universities to generate contacts for the future and get inspired.

What is your biggest challenge in terms of innovation?
F.C. / Our latest challenge has been to identify an ultimate innovation based on engineered construction and body-zoned knitting technology to deliver maximum performance, minimizing seams and maximizing comfort, all in one concept. As has frequently been the case, we like to underscore our belief in our strengths: Italian design, with German engineering and manufacturing. In other words, flexibility and creativity, combined with precision and innovation.

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