Melek Dantel make intimate lace with a purpose

22 February 2022

For nearly a quarter of a century Melek Dantel has produced and traded purposefully-made lingerie and more.

Melek Dantel is a company that categorises itself as a leading European lace producer. Founded in Istanbul in 1997, the company has quickly become a need-to-know name in the world of lace, lingerie and intimates. One reason is the company’s close proximity to its own production. Melek Dantel proudly has a total fabric production capacity of 125 tonnes every month. There are over 100 employees dedicated to this careful process, with knowhow and experience being passed down to the company’s increasing customer base.

Such efforts have made Melek Dantel a close design partner with a variety of influential retailers, including H&M, ASOS, Topshop and Mango. The producer has also showcased its fine work at specialist events like Salon International de la Lingerie. The creators at Melek Dantel get their inspiration from a variety of sources, such as the fabrics worn by dancers at Moulin Rouge during the 1920s, or modern partners and producers like Piera Lingerie and Zeynep Erdogan.

From bridal and nightwear collections to laced skirts and runway dresses, Melek Dantel’s output is lovingly versatile and adaptable, you never really know what the lace producer will come up with next.