Nurel Tekstil: trailblazers of women’s textile accessories

17 March 2022

Boasting over 40 years of experience, Nurel Tekstil has stood out as a trailblazer for women’s textile accessories in Turkey and across the globe.

Based out of Bursa, a sprawling city in northeastern Turkey, the Nurel Group has over the years become a multifaceted outfit with a range of stellar services and operations. The Group specialises in the industries of textiles and women’s lingerie through its Nurel Tekstil and Jade Lace companies.

The former was founded over 40 years ago, producing women’s textile accessories such as scarves, shawls and other wearable fabrics, which it still does to this day. As well as this, Nurel Tekstil offers fabric for home textiles and much more.

Jade Lace, a company which falls under Nurel Tekstil, specialises in lace for underwear and outerwear products. Using the Karl Mayer Multibar Raschel Jakartronik and Tekstronik machines, the company provides quality products at competitive prices to its domestic and international customers. “Jade Lace combines traditional know-how and technology to guarantee lace quality”, the company has said. “Design, research and development and sales departments realise Jade’s innovative and consistent approach for national and international customers”.

The company claims to have an ethos of “progress with the times, innovation and forging ahead”. One would assume such spirit will keep Jade Lace, Nurel Tekstil and the Nurel Group innovating on for years to come.