Prym Intimates Autumn Winter collection for 2023

5 August 2022

The launch comes after Prym Intimates unveiled its stunning new Autumn Winter 23/24 collection last month. The spectacular fashion concepts are featured under four themes – Recreate Culture, Reset Romance, Dream Nature, and Obsessive Attitude.

The company launches two collections each year covering autumn winter and spring summer. Inspired by key seasonal trends, these feature customer-centric and futuristic designs.

The Recreate Culture theme is rooted in the appeal of the home, community, and the environment, with mood-boosting colours and earthy textures.

Its Reset Romance theme brings a greater sense of purpose through minimalist and efficient designs and a sense of fun and serious intent. Heritage patterns are blended with upbeat colours to bring out a youthful and re-energized appearance with a joyful expression.

While the Dream Nature collection promotes a safer, fairer and more sustainable world. Sea skin patterns are characterised by rippling formations and cellular motifs mimicking underwater camouflage. This is blended with deep, moody darks enhanced by luxury accessories create soft feminine body wear that can cross into dance wear.

New universes and mindsets are created through the Obsessive Attitude range, blending virtual fashion with a touch of unbridled fantasy and pure fun to create extra functionality. These designs showcase entrepreneurial mindsets and passion through themes that communicate new stories and universes paving the way for virtual fashion using words and messages.