The textile industry has been turned upside down. Rimteks is ready for the challenge

19 May 2022

With nearly 50 years of heritage as an elastic ribbon producer for underwear and outerwear manufacturers, medical textile manufacturers and automotive industry, Rimteks is ready for the textile industry’s next chapter.

It is no secret that the textile industry is shifting and revolutionising itself. We are living in a period of global rethinking, yet textile manufacturer Rimteks is ready for every innovation ahead.

The family company was founded in 1976, and is based in Istanbul. “Courage and diligence are a good basis for success”, the company says. Initially a supplier of elastic ribbon for underwear and outerwear manufacturers, producing different kind of ribbons for Textiles, Medical and in the automotive industry too  , the company has gone on to establish itself as an ideal solution partner for its clients. The company claims to work like a tailor, customising its specialist productions for customers and clientele.

Rimteks started off by producing a variety of garment elastic tapes and ribbons. Since then, it has expanded its capacity, and advanced its technology, to become a leading company in Turkey. The company develops over 1,000 products to exhibit every year, and has become an integral partner for garment and underwear manufacturers across the globe.

Since 2021, Rimteks has been producing its extensive range in a new modern building. It has made sustainability a key company philosophy, with recent collections celebrating human unity and nature too. The Back to the Roots collection contains soft and cuddly bands made with tencel and modal, while Moonlight features delicate feminine designs for relaxed moments. The Stardust collection is tailor-made for the divas out there, with Voyage offering dynamic bands for life’s movements.

The next target of Rimteks to provide a more sustainable environment is a solar energy system. In another development, the certification of SteP by Oeko-Tex is in process. And it is expected to be implemented by the end of 2022. Keep watching!