Solidarity Covid-19 : Get news from Interfilière Paris exhibitors around the world

7 April 2020

In this period of unprecedented health crisis, not a day goes by without Interfilière Paris speaking with an open heart to its customers around the world. The Covid-A9 is raging everywhere, at a different pace, but affects our profession.

Here is an overview of a few loyal exhibitors who share with humility and professionalism the situation they are experiencing in their respective countries.

Many thanks to :

  • HAMMERLE & VOGEL from Austria
  • ANTIK DENTEL from Turkey
  • ENCAJES  from Colombia



Markus Hämmerle, CEO HAMMERLE & VOGEL, Autria

How do you feel now in Austria?
We are OK for the international situation  with all the thoughts and the optimistic look for the future.

Have your factories opened?
Our factory is open and we serve the customers and the needs like before.
However when supply chain will brake it will touch us too.

How is your activity organized during this special period?
We have two independent teams working separately und the health restriction by government.
The teams are never in contact.

What about the relationships with your  customers?
We keep it by phone and with video conferences



Ozan Yilmaz , Sales & Marketing, ANTIK DENTEL , Turquey

How do you feel in Turkey right now?
As you know Covid-19 is spreading so fast all over the world. Turkey is also facing this problem at the moment. There is no official lockdoıwn but most of the companies closed during this period. This week we are working from home and next week dyeing house and also the factory will be closed. We will be still continuing our productions but there will be a limit.

Have your factories are opened?
Our head office is working from home to keep in touch with the customers for their needs such as sampling requests. We do also continue with production but the dyeing house will be closed next week so for this process we will be on hold.

How is your activity organized during this special period ?
We are doing our best to reply our customers’ mails as soon as possible and arrange all the needs. We do not have much requests from customers due most of them are closed.

What about the relationships with your  customers?
In this critical period we cannot follow up which companies are closed or working. All the countries have their own rules or lockdowns. Therefore reaching the people is really hard nowadays.



Leon Bibas Perez, CEO ENCAJES, Colombia

How do you feel  in your country right now?
Colombia is now during a complete shutdown, all airports are closed, even domestic flights until April 13 to try and contain the virus.
Have your factories are opened? No we are closed for government mandatory order. Our priority for now is to keep the health of our team in good shape. We are working with all of our team closely together finding ways to change the business, we all understand its not like before and the world changed from one day to the other so we are all adjusting finding solutions for the future being of our people and our country.

How is your activity organized during this special period ?
Production is idle and we have people working from home on jobs that can continue to be done from home like accounting, receivables, etc. but in reality not much we can do until we reopen on April 13.

What about the relationships with your  customers?
Relationships with customers are great, we are living thru very difficult times and in times like this we need to all unite and help each other. I feel after this pandemic we will have a much better world with a better human society.





How do you feel now in China? Is life going back to “normal”?
It is unbelievable what we have gone through for these two months.  We have done our very best to protect ourselves.  Luckily, all our friends, families, and employees are safe.
Life is going back smoothly, and it will be like before very soon.

Have your factories reopened?
Yes, our factory is reopened.

How is your activity organized during this special period
Before reopening, Chinese government asked us strictly to follow the rules.  Employees from other providence need to stay in the dorm for 14 days before start working.  We have to wear mask during working, keep 1.5 meter distance when eating lunch, we still do until now.  So far, 800 employees from all over China are safe, no virus in our factory.  Our production is back to normal.

What about the relationships with your  customers?
When China is getting better and better, we are feeling bad that the situation is getting worse in Europe.  All our European customers stay home for working, now the business is going very slow.

We are contacting all our customers in the US and Europe to send them masks, and teaching them how wearing mask is important during this situation.  We always have our customers’ support growing our business, now we need to give them more help.  They are very appreciated what we are doing, although we estimated the business will be slow down there will not so much contacts like before, but we feel we are closer with customers by greeting and caring of them.

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