SS 2023 Trends in Lingerie X Swim X Sport Fabrics

8 March 2022

SS 2023 Trends by Jos Berry

Meet Jos Berry, Concepts Paris trend office, who, from her Parisian home, reveals to you her favourite fabricsand accessories for spring/summer 2023.

Dopamine Green

Ode to green, in all its forms, and above all a trend highlighted in all sectors : Lingerie X Swim X Sport.

Dopamine Orange

Welcome to a wave of optimism, energy and good humour.

Lurex Metallic Fibers

New products that shine.

Organic Brown

Brown, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Organic Purple

Back to the 80’s and focus on breathtaking shades of purple.

Soft Natural

Focus on the softest and lightest fabrics on the market.

Black Trend

Elegance and simplicity: discover the most beautiful black fabrics.

Favorites of Jos Berry