WEBINARS : To help us move forward together

8 May 2020

Because we can’t currently meet, we’ve decided, over the past few weeks, to feed your minds and spirits and invite you to meet and exchange ideas in a new way. Therefore, each week, we’re offering Webinars hosted by committed professionals on themes that will help you move forward. Training in social media techniques, legal updates on commercial leases, how to manage your shop while it’s closed…such are a few of the subjects and opportunities to exchange tips so we can think ahead and make things work as smoothly as possible in the days to come.

We invite you to discover or rediscover these webinars here.



Épisode 3 : Managing your Bra Fitting/Lingerie business when the front door is locked.
🇬🇧 By Lynn Switanowski


Épisode 4 : La Confédération Nationale des Détaillants Lingerie propose un webinar juridique.
🇫🇷 By Michèle Lacour et Maitre Doueb


Épisode 5 : Customer connection during COVID-19.
🇬🇧 By Kimmay Caldwell


Épisode 6 : Médias Sociaux : J’ai la théorie mais comment faire ?
🇫🇷 By Marine Hamou


Épisode 7 : The implication of the pandemic and the urgency to redesign the bra of the future.
🇬🇧 By Jos Berry


Épisode 9 : 5 Mindsets of the empowered women.
🇬🇧 By Jos Berry


Episode 11 : La digitalisation de votre commerce avec la solution Shopify
🇫🇷 By Marie-Claude Léveillé


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