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Lingerie and Swim news are still evolving since the Covid-19 pandemic. If some issues were recurrent, others are becoming more necessary today.

Focus on the details of the conferences program and on the speaker’s presentations to make this edition a success.


All conferences are in french and translate in english!

Sport and Wellness Trends FW23-24 by Adrian Verin – CARLIN CREATIVE TREND BUREAU


The practice of Yoga is more popular than ever and is evolving toward a less sculpted and more romantic approach, in response to the wellness movement, which was highlighted during the lockdowns we’ve all experienced.

At the same time, in a market where the desire for comfort has become a new pre-requisite, we’re seeing new product categories emerge adapted to consumers’ hybrid lifestyles, between the office and home.

The concept of Workleisure is gaining ground…Carlin will offer the chance during its talk to discover the new rules of sports apparel, from yoga to workleisure, for A/W 2023-24.

Portrait d'Adrian Verin

Adrian Verin is a graduate of the EMN Business School in France, with a specialization in marketing and business management. He also studied international trade and intercultural marketing at Concordia University in Montreal.

He began his career at Carlin Creative trend agency as a Business Development Manager, where he merged all his strategic and creative talents. In 2018, Adrian advanced within this corporate group and took on the management of international business development at INMOUV, the sports subsidiary of this Parisian trend analysis firm.


Understanding yourself through Human Design by Mélissa Simonot


Human Design is a unique system based on your birth information that blends several tools like astrology and quantum physics to provide you with unique and crucial information about yourself.

This powerful tool describes with incredible accuracy the way you are meant to use your energy, make decisions, cultivate opportunities, communicate, be in relationships, take care of your wellness and more!

Portrait de Mélissa Simonot

First Fashion press officer then cocktails bar co-founder and sport coach. Theses different steps, realized between Marseille, Londres, New York and Paris, composed what she is now. Human Design’s specialist today, Mélissa is passionated about all that constitutes the deeper self, she explores since many years and many ways how to discover and better understand oneself.   


Women Circle’s presentation by Audrey Lafont


Presentation of the Women’s Circle workshop by Audrey Lafont. A conference moderated by Vanessa Causse, Trendforecaster.

Cercle de femmes - Audrey Lafont

Happy mother of two boys, Audrey, 35 years old, tells us about her career without any filter:

As an intensive care nurse for 11 years, then in paediatric and neonatal intensive care, she has developed her sense of ethics, of humanity and of teamwork.

When her second child was born, her path turned towards NLP and then a Quantik seminar opened the door to Doula.

Today, she follows the teachings of the Quantik doula. Surrounded by kindness, she advances in this project which is so dear to her heart.

She attaches great importance to family, well-being and reliability.

Meet Audrey during the exhibition in the Red Tent in this space dedicated to women.


Loungewear, the new casual by Sébastien Renault – PROMOSTYL 


The boundaries between work and private life are becoming blurred, resulting in a revised wardrobe for the occasion.

Portrait de Sebastien Renault

Laureate of the international competition “Défi Mode” in Brussels, whose collections were presented at the Marni theatre and in various galleries in Brussels, Sébastien then consolidated his experience as a stylist with companies such as Petit Bateau or Valeno Diffusion. Today, he is the Artistic Director of Promostyl and continues to teach fashion design and culture at Mod art International.

Tipping point of circularity by Aude Penouty – ENTADA TEXTILE


In order to delve into the subject of cradle to cradle and to support a series of publications about circularity & sourcing, a talk is organized to scan the issues and solutions in sourcing. If innovations can provide answers to the major challenges facing the industry, what are the realities and limits of circularity in sourcing?

Portrait d'Aude Penouty

Aude Penouty is a fashion expert and cultural mediator with over 12 years of experience as a fashion designer. She has worked on 3 different continents, Europe (in Paris and Milan), the Americas (New York), and Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).

Having recently settled in Europe, she has worked with renowned international names in the fashion industry, such as lingerie brands, sourcing firms, agents, and trend consulting agencies.

In 2007, she received her Master’s degree in Fashion Design from the Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. Before this, she had studied lingerie design at ESMOD in Paris.

In 2014, she founded a fashion design and consulting firm in Vietnam. Entada Textile has close ties with Southeast Asia, where most of its clients’ products are made. Newly relocated to France, Entada Textile now works with its network of local consultants in Asia, Southwestern Africa, and Europe.

As a designer, she is eternally on the lookout for new talent and sharpens her curious mind through music, a surprising booklist, fashion, dance, and travel.


Marie Bouhier_Billi London

Educated with a bachelor’s degree from Business and Management school HEC Montreal in Canada, Marie Bouhier then studied a master’s degree at the London College of Fashion, where she learned how to manage innovative fashion projects and use the Design Thinking approach to bring solutions linked to sustainability issues. 

Waste was a topic she always wanted to tackle, so she wrote her master thesis about biodegradable materials being a comparative advantage for fashion brands. 

During that time, she also took part in a project by The Digital Anthropology Lab which is London College of Fashion’s research center dedicated to crafting better human experiences with technology, for their client Klarna. 

After two roles as a Strategic Planner and Creative Strategist in advertising agency BBDO in Chile and brand experience agency XYZ in London, she went client side and joined the brand L’Artisan Parfumeur as the Global Marketing Content Executive where she is the brand guardian, developing strategic content plans to support the brand’s portfolio and new product launches.

After having experienced both sides – agency and brand, she felt her research during her Master thesis about biodegradability should not be left aside and could contribute to improving the fashion industry’s impacts on the planet. When she met Sophie, launching Billi London became a no brainer and the entrepreneurial journey to make an impact in the fashion industry she always dreamed of began.


Scandale Eco-Lingerie - Edouard Roche

Edouard Roche has been a Brand & Business reinvention expert for more than 25 years.

After 17 years in the L’Oreal Group, where he held Global General Management positions at Lancôme, Helena Rubinstein, L’Oreal, Shu Uemura, Redken & Pureology, living in the UK, Mexico, Japan and in the US. He then moved to Ralph Lauren Fashion as President for Japan then joined Burberry HQ and a member of CEO Angela Ahrendts’s Management Committee, and SVP in charge of Fashion Buying & Digital Business.

He moved to Hop Lun Group, a global leader in the lingerie sector, where he turned around Dorina, a German mass market lingerie brand created by Triumph in 1968 that he repositioned as a hot European online brand.

He then took on the challenge to revive an iconic French lingerie brand created in 1932, SCANDALE, into SCANDALE ÉCO-LINGERIE, a sleek, audacious, and committed brand with indisputable social and environmental responsibilities and credentials.

SCANDALE ÉCO-LINGERIE’s value proposition pushes the boundaries of circularity, decarbonation, proximity sourcing & ethics to new territory.

Made with 100% éco-fabrics, from either recycled or organic yarns, ethically produced and carbon-neutral along its entire value chain, SCANDALE ÉCO-LINGERIE is re-inventing a new norm, where fashion & sincere sustainability can live together, where French sensuality can be developed with people & planet in mind

SCANDALE ÉCO-LINGERIE is VEGAN PETA-approved, and part of the B CORP movement (best in class companies balancing purpose and profit), soon to be fully a certified B Corporation, being part of a global movement.

Recently re-launched, SCANDALE ÉCO-LINGERIE is on a promising trajectory in major European department stores and digital platforms like Galeries Lafayette, proving how the concept is resonating with increasingly eco-sensitive consumers.


“Our biggest challenge is to stop plundering or polluting the planet, opting for existing (and not virgin) materials (pre-consumer & post-consumer wastes), renewable energies wherever possible, and a supply chain close to the development and design teams.

This requires a rigorous approach to supply chain analysis to limit the impact at each stage. Having opted for a local sourcing, our designers are about 100 km away from 2 production Ateliers and from our eco-responsible packaging suppliers.

We compensate all our carbon emissions in partnership with Climate Partner and invest in renewable energy programs contributing to UN sustainable goals. Vegan approved, we are a B-Corp ‘en creation’ on our way to become one of the Best in Class companies balancing Planet & Profit.”


Fédération de la Mode Circulaire - Timothée Mace Dubois

Fédération de la Mode Circulaire – Timothée Mace Dubois


Lenzing - Claire Khoriaty

Lenzing – Claire Khoriaty


Digitalisation in B2B commerce: how to accelerate your business thanks to digital? by CXMP, the SIL marketplace


Digital tech provides a powerful springboard for business, most notably in commerce and retail. The market share of e-commerce is continuing to rise, with exponential growth over the past two years, and the marketplace model is meeting with resounding success, in both B2C and B2B. We focus on this latter model in particular and its benefits, and on the newly-launched Salon International de la Lingerie marketplace offering an omnichannel experience to the entire lingerie community. Why and how? Hear the answers from Sébastien Garnier, director of CXMP.

CXMP - Sébastien Garnier

Sébastien Garnier is a jack-of-all-trades in marketing and communication. Passionate about his job and the sociological dimension associated with it, he began his career as a “Communications Officer” at France Telecom during the 1998 World Cup. After various experiences, he joined Comexposium in February 2017 as Communication Director for several French and international trade shows.

Convinced that the customer must always be at the heart of strategies and that the omnichannel approach to business is now unmissable, he switched to the marketing of the offer to be now in charge of CXMP, the B2B marketplace of Comexposium Group’s trade shows.



Jérémy Li is a young entrepreneur in his own right. Passionate about cultural exchange and the world of business, he created an artistic concept swimwear brand in 2019, during his final year of study.

Coming from a French-Chinese culture, and having lived in the United States, South Korea and China, he considers himself a citizen of the world. He has successfully transmitted his values of diversity and positivity through artistic collaborations to his swimwear brand, AULALA PARIS

Renewal of the Product Offer for a reinvented creative market by Vanessa Causse – TRENDFORECASTER 


Decryption of the major underlying trends in the GlobalSwimwear and Lingerie market, understand the material, colour, shape and pattern aspirations for Winter 22-23 and Summer 23, through an analysis of new Lifestyle behaviours.

Portrait de Vanessa Causse

With decades of expertise in the fashion and design industry, Vanessa has been passionately engaged in every aspects related to trend decoding, color & design creation, market analysis and project management. Vanessa is currently a trend forecaster for Comexposium, responsible for creative marketing, trend forecasting on lingerie & swimwear, scenography, brand analysis as well as inspiration tool creations. Her creativity in fashion and unique insights of the constantly evolving market environment have brought inspirations and solutions to not just Comexposium global trade shows but also the whole bodyfashion industry.


Reconsumption and the challenge of deconsumption: new challenges for CSR by Dominique Demoinet


It’s no longer a question of knowing if we should consume less, or better, nor of knowing if we should consume differently, and why. One thing is for sure: we should all consume less, better, and differently, in terms of fashion, even more so than for other items.
The question that needs an answer is, “How?”. How do we fulfill this now clear desire from the consumer who is ready to radically change their purchasing behavior and shift how they shop?

Though they may be ready to behave responsibly and sustainably, consumers expect much more from companies and expect them to do much better. And they’re saying so: 83% of them think that a firm should only make a profit if they are having a positive impact on society. Whether they’re eco-invested or eco-distant, eco-modernist or eco-skeptical, utopians or realists, consumers have well and truly changed their opinions on companies. It’s now up to these firms to make consumers want to shop again, through a powerful and convincing commitment and by relying on the product, which once made them dream, but now conveys certain values.

Signed during the height of the health crisis, the Fashion Pact defined crucial goals for the fashion and textile industry. It represents a big step forward. But the crisis we’re experiencing calls for much more. It must be an accelerator for change. One company’s reason for existing will not be enough to change things. If all firms decide to change their model and strategy, then, perhaps, we might be able to pass along the keys to a better world to the Alpha and Beta generations.

*Zeno 2020 Study: “Strength of Purpose”, conducted about 75 brands, among 8000 consumers in 8 countries (the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, France, China, India, Singapore, and Malaysia)

Portrait de Dominique Demoinet

Dominique DEMOINET-HOSTE, a professional journalist, has dedicated her life to the fashion and textile industries. A journalist at the Journal du Textile for over 15 years, she oversaw men’s fashion and sportswear, lingerie & corsetry, and décor & home. As an athlete, she then worked with a variety of sports and outdoor trade publications, for around a decade. She fell in love with the world of technical fabrics, high-tech fibers, and technological innovations. She then turned to the world of trade fairs, undertaking the editorial management of various publications (newsletters, press kits, etc.). She worked with Expofil, Tissu Premier, Made in France, Sport Achat, the Salon International de la Lingerie, and the International Forum for brand futures (Empreintes). After founding her firm in 2001 as DLD Consultant, she joined Interfilière Paris to head up the editorial department for their technical dossiers and for news publications about the fair, as well as organizing and hosting themed talks.


Best Selling Brands and Styles by Audrey Sadleir – INTIMA MediaGroup and Partners 


An in-depht market overview of the independent lingerie segment in Europe and North America.

Best Selling Brands and Styles by Audrey Sadleir


The Lingerie Market in figures by Hélène Janicaud – KANTAR


Kantar offers their analysis of lingerie market trends and the impact of the pandemic on purchasing behaviors. They will also present key factors to optimally target shoppers.

Portrait d'Hélène Janicaud

Hélène JANICAUD has more than 15 years of expertise in the fashion market, through the analysis of the shopper. After 10 years of advising retailers and manufacturers in this market, she took over the Fashion Insights division at Kantar Worldpanel in 2009 and she is now responsible for the coordination of the business while managing the press relations and external events.


NO(W) Gender x No Beauty by Madame Ilma and Ana-Li


Should we still be using a gendered strategy when society offers new possibilities?

Though historically, pink was a color that expressed virility, what does it mean now that Millennials have made it their own?

We’ll discuss the gender issue from a sociological and strategic perspective by presenting disruptive initiatives such as NO BEAUTY, founded by Ana-Li Mraovitch, a unisex, inclusive, vegan brand of care products.

NOBEAUTY - Ana-Li Mraovitch & Madame Ilma - Ines Renaudin

Ines Renaudin is the founder of MADAME ILMA, a creative foresight and consulting firm. Convinced of the power of Louise Bourgeois’ statement that “Art is a guarantee of sanity”, Madame Ilma crafts strategies for creative and innovative brands. Ines Renaudin is also an exhibition curator and design-history and marketing instructor.

Ana-Li Mraovitch is the founder of NO BEAUTY, a range of unisex, inclusive, vegan care products.

After working for many years as a photo stylist in Paris and New York, she decided to leave this field behind to establish NO BEAUTY.

The stereotype of gendered products and the lack of diversity in cosmetics led Ana-Li and her associate Linda to create a range of conscious and healthy products that everyone can use.


A/W 2023-24 Lingerie Trends: the place of sexy products within a sea of comfort confort by Virginie Corbasson – CARLIN CREATIVE TREND BUREAU


Lockdowns and the shift to telecommuting have changed consumers’ lifestyles and amplified their appetite for everyday products that are comforting and make life easier.

The lingerie market thus now finds itself polarized around matters of comfort and the end of all forms of stereotypes, discrimination, and taboos, allowing a plethora of ultra-minimalist innerwear to emerge.

What is the new place of sexiness in a market that has been traditionally guided by this aesthetic? And what new directions are appearing to bring new energy to the “comfort” market?

At this talk, the Carlin agency will present the new rules of sexy, along with directions to renew “comfort” lingerie, looking ahead to A/W 2023-24.

Portrait de Virginie Corbasson

Virginie Corbasson, a graduate of Neoma Business School with a specialization in marketing and international business, first worked in California and North Africa in the world of start-ups and interior decor. In France, from 2002 to 2005, she was Sales Manager for Peclers Paris. Eager to discover other ways of living and other cultures, she seized the opportunity to go live in Russia and Bulgaria from 2005 to 2010. When she returned, she joined the Carlin Group as Sales Manager, then headed up the France and International Sales division.


Women who are changing the lives of all women! By Céline Samama – CELISETTE, Sophie Billi-Hardwick – BILLI LONDON, Marion Abidi – UN CRI DE JOIE


It’s with great emotion that we see that many women are building businesses today for a better world, so that women can feel even better about their bodies.

This is why this talk we love wishes to spotlight women who are advancing women’s evolution and their roles in society.

Their names are Céline, Marie, and Marion. These women are reinventing how we shop. Here’s a focus on this new, inventive, and amazing generation that’s connected to the future.

These are three stories that provide food for thought and lead us to believe that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


Célisette -Céline Samama

Céline Samama, the founder of Célisette is originally trained as a pharmacist. She has helped develop leading women’s health and well-being brands for over 16 years. It was during her last experience at a gynaecology laboratory that she became aware of the need to develop healthier menstrual products, as well as the need to better educate young girls about feminine health: starting with puberty.

Giving women and the planet some room to breathe!

As a health professional, she’s committed to public health issues, particularly those related to the composition and use of menstrual products.

In collaboration with experts, she developed a collection of menstrual lingerie and swimwear that aligns with the values of women and girls today. Practical, sustainable and comfortable with zero risk of toxic shock syndrome and zero waste. There’s no need to compromise!


Un Cri de Joie - Marion Abidi

Marion Abidi, co-founder of the Lingerie House “Un Cri de Joie”, is a young woman entrepreneur committed to human well-being and especially to women. Coming from the world of education, she decided to make an exceptional turnaround that manifests itself in the realization of a feminine dream. Today, specialized on the listening of the body, the transformation of the glance which one carries on oneself and the universe of the fine lingerie, she brings her vision beyond all the borders and all judgments. Also a personal shopper, she turns her passions into a profession, an accompaniment, an expertise for freedom and the art of living with oneself and others.


BILLI LONDON - Sophie Billi Hardwick 2

Sophie Billi-Hardwick is the co-founder of Billi London, the first legwear brand whose entire composition benefits from natural and accelerated degradation in landfills. 

After getting a degree in Media & Communications in Lyon (France), Sophie moved to London in 2009 where she graduated in Events Management from Leeds Met University.

Before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, Sophie spent the last decade working internationally across a wide spectrum of industries from Sports and Design to Media and Tech, in London. In her last roles, Sophie worked at Havas, and award-winning experiential agency XYZ, as New Business & Marketing Director, alongside being part of the Senior Management Team.

In 2019, she started her 2 year’s journeys of R&D for Billi London in the quest to reconnect women with hosiery and revolutionise the industry with a product design that focuses on durability and comfort, and that is no longer seen as disposable or for single use. 


Sport, technicality and self-affirmation by Sébastien Renault – PROMOSTYL


Today’s sportswear combines comfort, technique and style, whether in terms of materials or volumes. Let’s decoding the sport, swim and activewear trends.

Portrait de Sebastien Renault

Laureate of the international competition “Défi Mode” in Brussels, whose collections were presented at the Marni theatre and in various galleries in Brussels, Sébastien then consolidated his experience as a stylist with companies such as Petit Bateau or Valeno Diffusion. Today, he is the Artistic Director of Promostyl and continues to teach fashion design and culture at Mod art International.


Supporting Your Sales During the No-Bra Trend by Kimmay Caldwell – Hurray!


Join Kimmay Caldwell, international Undergarment Educator at Hurray Kimmay, and a panel of industry experts for this candid conversation on current bra sales and customer trends post pandemic. We’ll explore how those focused on bra fitting can support their customers (and their sales) during a time when wearing no bra at all is a common trend.Hurray!_Kimmay Cadwell

Kimmay Caldwell is a self-love coach and Undergarment educator who supports people to say “Hurray” inside, outside, and underneath. She is an expert bra fitter with over a decade of experience of getting intimate with people from cup sizes A to N since 2005. Years in the fitting room illuminated the stories people had about their bodies, their self-worth, and their dreams which helped her become a coach and tune in quickly to what will serve her clients best. Now her newest offering, The Hurray House Method, supports people to do the daily inner housekeeping and self-care necessary to show up big in the world.

Formerly based in NYC, she is now in rural Oklahoma and travels around the world to spread her empowering message of self-love, and how to use the everyday ritual of putting on a bra to uncover your confidence, stand in your power, and learn to love yourself. You may have seen her in one of over 100 press outlets, including more than 5 times on The Rachael Ray Show, plus the Martha Stewart Show, The Today Show, and more. Or perhaps you caught her teaching bra fitting workshops at the largest lingerie expo in the world in Paris.



Asi Efros is a multimedia journalist, speaker, educator, and mentor for creatives. She is also an intimate apparel designer, a contributor to Revealed x Curve magazine, and a partner of Curve NY. Having worked in the corporate world for three decades, she currently enjoys her entrepreneurial freedom in uniting people for intercultural projects, highlighting the work of designers and artists, and supporting eco-consciousness and innovation. 

That passion inspired her to launch the Material Briefs column in the Lingerie Briefs digital magazine, in which she covers the latest innovations in science, technology, and textiles in intimates.


ALEXANDRA LINGERIE - Alexandra Vaissière

Alexandra Vaissiere is a French-born entrepreneur who runs a specialist service lingerie boutique in Adelaide, South Australia. Known there as The French Big Boobs Expert, her struggle to find bras in her own 8J (UK 30J or FR 80M) size led her to opening a store that aims to accommodate breast sizes beyond the mainstream available range. Over a decade of fitting experience, the ambition to start a business in a new country and the passion to evolve an industry that wasn’t meeting its customers’ needs has seen Alexandra be hugely successful.


BUSTED BRA SHOP - Rachel Hackett

Rachel Hackett is a lover of all things bras and lingerie. She has a master’s degree in comparative literature from Purdue University and has worked at Busted Bra Shop in the USA for six years. Her coworkers affectionately refer to her as RBM, which stands for Rachel, Bra Master.


WACOAL - Sophie Knis

Sophie Knis has a long history of intimates experience, having started her career at Wacoal in Japan, 33 years, ago preparing the settlement of the subsidiary in France. Since then she has worked on the marketing and communications for France, and eventually for all European countries across the whole brand portfolio. She is very close to the product development and impassioned by the power of lingerie and innovation to make its wearers feel more beautiful.


How the Metaverse and digitalization are influencing the aesthetics of fashion, lingerie & athleisure, presented by Elisabeth Prat – PECLERS PARIS


As an analyst of the world that surrounds us, the Peclers idea lab partners with the Interfilière show to try to explain the phenomenon that’s more than just a buzzword and analyzes how the Metaverse and digitalization are influencing the aesthetics of fashion, lingerie & athleisure.
Join our expert, Elisabeth Prat, for an exclusive talk, and discover:

What is the artistic and creative potential of this phenomenon?

What new societal and consumer trends are emerging from the Metaverse?

What changes is it prompting in consumer behavior, and what is its stylistic impact?

Portrait d'Elisabeth Prat

Elisabeth Prat Dard, Director of Fashion Trends at Peclers Paris, has been part of this firm for 37 years. Her challenge: seek out and identify tomorrow’s trends.

Elisabeth is a member of their Board of Directors and oversees the agency’s major aesthetic directions, which are expressed in their trend notebooks.

She ensures the coherence of the firm’s fashion vision and hosts encounters and consultations to define this vision, which is made up of a mix of viewpoints from around 50 designers in France and China who work in a variety of sectors.

“Fashion keeps me going and still makes me dream, at a time when it’s undergoing massive change and controversy; I believe in its power!”