Trends forum – Interfilière Paris


During the three days of Interfilière we talk with harbingers of change, in the forum, about what it means to follow the pandemic outcomes and become consumer-centric:

  • SATURDAY 18th at 17:30

SANKO COCKTAIL & TALK with marketing director Eser Kahn about what it takes to become a circular business and concentrate on biodegradability.

  • SUNDAY 19th at 11:30

SCANDALE COCKTAIL & TALK with CEO Edouard Roche about why creating an Eco Brand needs a complete re-set of one’s business.

  • MONDAY 20th at 9:30

REFLECTIONS ON CREATING THE BRA WOMEN WANT with Imane Dovale from strat-up brand Nissé and Siân Thomas global design director of Triumph discuss the challenge to re-invent the bra without existing references.

Interfilière Paris forum is going to be a Garden Party that showing A/W 23-24 collections. This forum wants to be a celebration and discovery of all suppressed desires and longings. Consumer trends and mindsets invite us to ask about bodyfashion concept, ranging from eco-correctness to 1970s and 1990s glam.


LAVA: Explosive sexiness in new designs, bursts of colours, shiny effects, organic patterns in “animal” mood.

Forum des tendances LAVA



IMAGINATION: Super light, fairytale, and super functional fabrics: an apparent contradiction made possible by the latest technologies of the exhibitors to be discovered on the forum.

Forum des tendances IMAGINATION



ESCAPE: Retro trend for a wardrobe that spans over seasons and end uses. This is club wear, activewear or streetwear in Californian casualness, find this colorful trend.

Forum des tendances ESCAPE



MUSHROOM: An invitation to walk in the forest and smell the complex woody, spice aroma of tree trunks and mushrooms. Results: structures of lace, surface effects, amazing embroideries with new net types and prints.

Forum des tendances MUSHROOM



SHETLAND: When nature and craftsmanship mix well together, a trend inspired by Scotland and its spinning, weaving, and knitting traditions. A family theme without gender and age restrictions.

Forum des tendances SHETLAND